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Grooming Tools

A while back, Bella and I were at the ranch and I expressed my interest in learning how to groom her myself. The main reason was to save a bit of money, second and third reasons were so I could create a stronger bond with Bella while learning a new skill.

The first part of introducing grooming at home is handling!! I can't stress how important it is getting your puppy used to being touched all over - for grooming at home, for grooming at a salon, for the vet, etc.

Second, start slow!! It's okay to break your grooming sessions into chunks. Bella and I typically take 2-3 days at home. One day we'll brush and bathe, and the next day groom. Do what works best for you!

I will take some videos of basic eye trimming and paw pad trimming!! Stay tuned!

Various tools we use:

Small Clippers - for paws and sanitary area

Large Clippers - for body

Scissors - rounded tips for safety!

Happy Hoodie - great for those pups who find the hair dryer to be a little loud (could be great for fireworks too!)

Tight-Tooth Comb - this is great for a variety of reasons: dematting, detangling, ticks, and fleas

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