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Training Sessions with Marty

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

While Marty to continues to look for her home, she is living in the Twin Cities with Ryan. Together, they've been working on the following:

Crate and potty training / proper house manners / mat work / "Leave it” / desensitization on various surfaces / stairs / walking on a leash, with a focus on loose leash! / “Mouthing” / recall

And more!!

Below are the videos that Ryan has shared of their training sessions!

As members of our amazing Finney Ranch Pack, please please please share her story with friends! She's over four months old, from Quartz's final litter, and she'll mature around 40 pounds. Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her! Her cost will stay as is (additional time of love, care, and work has gone into her), BUT Shannon has paid for the great two-week board and training she's receiving now, so she will be going to her new home with a fantastic base. She would be a great family member or partner for anyone looking for a loving, willing to learn, and playful puppy!

If you have any additional questions, please email Kaitlin at or call Shannon at 218-762-8151. We look forward to talking with you about her!

Let's chat in the comments! What are some of your favorite thing to work on with your Finney pup? Did any of Ryan's training tips help with your puppy?

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