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Here at Finney Ranch, we pride ourselves in beautiful, well-bred poodle and aussiedoodle puppies ... but our work does not stop after they leave our home. We want to support you as you enter into the world of puppyhood and beyond!


Finney Ranch's exclusive training page offers you professional online puppy training! Our aim is to give you the tools and support you in raising a well-balanced, good-natured, loving pet.


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A Little Goes a Long Way

Training with Care


Ready. Set. Train.

Food, Crates, Treats, and More!



We have an amazing support team to help you!
Learn more about them below.


Shannon Finney

Shannon is definitely our laziest worker here at Finney Ranch Cattle. 

Totally kidding!! What doesn't Shannon do!? Shannon is our phenomenal Head Pack Leader who runs the dog-side of Finney Ranch Cattle. She has such a beautiful passion for life, nature, her faith, and her family. 

She started breeding Aussiedoodles just several years ago. Since the beginning, her puppy nursery has grown and she has an amazing team of Pack Leaders supporting her. 

She has now decided to expand Finney Ranch and have an in-house training team. Our goal here is to help you through those tough first weeks and answer any questions you have to the best of our abilities!


Shannon is so excited you have chosen to take home a Finney Ranch puppy. This is just one way we can show you how dedicated we are to ensuring happy puppies and happy families for years to come! 


Kaitlin Creadon

We met Kaitlin back in April of 2020 when she got on the reserve list for a Minnie and Little Man puppy. She took home Bubbles, renamed Bella! Since then, she's been at the ranch several times to document our everyday lives, film calving season, capture a puppy birth, and immerse herself in the "country life"!

She also heads up our Support team! Through Bella she has learned a lot about being a puppy mom - she's experienced quite a bit and is excited to share her knowledge with you. 

Kaitlin will be the contact person for all your questions! She will be filming training videos to share with you and creating blog posts to discuss some common puppy topics and frequently asked questions.


Audrey Jeane

Audrey has two amazing dogs from Finney Ranch! Miss Maple Jeane and Willow Jeane are her very own furry soulmates. Maple is from Jade and Porter, Willow is from Sophie and Little Man.


We are extremely blessed that Audrey is able to stay at the ranch often! She is working on a beautiful photographic story titled "Finding Finney", following our lives as cattle ranchers in northern Minnesota.

Through her dogs Maple and Willow, she has acquired a lot of puppy training knowledge she is ready to share with you!


Anastasia Mickelson

Anastasia is another one of our amazing Pack Leaders! If you would like your puppy to come home with more basic training completed, Anastasia is your gal! She will lay down the foundations and set you and your Finney Ranch puppy up for lifelong success!

Click HERE to learn more about Anastasia's in-home board and train program!


Taylor Finney

Taylor loves all our dogs - but Minnie, Maggie, Cookie, and Jade are considered "hers"!  🐾 It's certainly not uncommon to see one of them stuck to her side, living up to their nickname of "Velcro Dog".

While the puppies continue their lives at the ranch, Taylor begins work on crate training, potty training, and simple collar/leash training. She sets up a schedule for all dogs working on their crate time and potty training. The older puppies get lots of individual attention and love from Taylor! She helps set up all our Finney Ranch pups for great success in their new homes!


Paige Lyberg

Amongst many tasks, Paige is our amazing groomer! She bathes and grooms our doggy parents and gets all pups ready for Gotcha Day with a "spaw day"! All puppies get a bath and little trim before they meet their forever families.


Paige is going to share all of her grooming tips and tricks with us so you can get the confidence to take care of your puppy! She'll share what types of brushes are best, her favorite shampoos, various grooming tools, proper ways to handle your puppy, and the importance of starting early!

Image by Jenny Marvin


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