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When you see Amazon links on our social media pages or website (both our recommendations page and random blog posts), they are "Affiliate Links". I just wanted to take a minute here and talk about those! These affiliate links on Amazon could give us a small percentage back, but you are not paying any extra - which is our favorite part!!

Any commissions we make from these linked products will go towards a charity near and dear to our hearts!

From the time we connected with the Amazon Affiliate Program in November of 2021 until July of 2022, we decided we wanted to start off by raising money for "Paws for Patrick", a non-profit organization that connects ESAs and therapy dogs with young people. Thanks to your usage of the specialized links, we raised $122.80 for their charity!

Visit their website here to learn more:

Currently, we are supporting "Sophie and Madigan's Playground", an organization dedicated to helping families create beautiful memories. This organization came to be after the founders lost two of their daughters in a devastating house fire. Kaitlin (aka yours truly) will be completing a "runDisney Challenge" on their behalf in February. We are still accruing commissions for this. As of the end of January 2023, we're at $33.03. Every little penny helps! You can learn more about what Kaitlin is doing and about Sophie and Madigan's Playground here:

I will continue to update this blog post as we transfer out to different charities. We absolutely love that we can not only provide you with links to some of our favorite products, but help out others at the same time! If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments or email Kaitlin at

Do you have any specific products you'd like us to feature? Let me know!

Enjoy this cute picture of Bella after the 2022 Turkey Trot (she pretended she ran, but in fact just watched from the sidelines then took all the glory ;))


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