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Why Nourish with NuVet??

Your puppy has been eating the NuVet K9 Wafers on the ranch since they were five weeks old. We believe NuVet is an important part of their nutrition now and throughout their lives. We highly recommend them! All our females and males at the ranch enjoy them as well.

You might ask... but isn't good food enough? NuVet's promise is to protect your pet and make sure you can enjoy the happiest and healthiest life together!

NuVet Plus contains ingredients shown to support longevity. Did you know that even high-quality dog foods are cooked with high heat that destroys critical nutrients? While they do provide macro-nutrients (minimal requirements by AFFCO), NuVet Plus is cold-processed and provides vital micro-nutrients that boost immunity, reducing free radicals and 30 other nutrients which support optimal health.

They also boost immunity to help protect your furry family member! Immunity is your pets first line of defense. A proven blend of antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals formulated to keep your pet's immune system strong. For puppies, it helps to boost their still-maturing immune system - critically important!

The NuVet Plus ingredients help improve quality of life with powerful antioxidants that combat cellular damage (aging). Pets are exposed to many toxins, including pollutants in the air and pesticides. Antioxidants are not active once heated and NuVet supplies high quality pine bark which reduces cellular stress and damage.

NuVet is clean - free of fillers, sweeteners, artificial flavors, and grains.

Recall free for 24 years.

USA manufactured.

Pets love the taste!

NuVet Labs also sells a high-quality ear cleaner. Talk with your vet to learn the best way to administer this.

Order Code: 85874


They also boast a money-back guarantee.

$16 per month on auto-ship.

Why Nourish with NuVet??

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